Domestic, International and EU tax law
The Firm offers specific advice on tax matters, with a particular focus on the real estate and industrial, as well as in the field of copyright. The Firm assists its clients in relation to the tax regime applicable to outgoing and incoming investments made in Italy, also through the preparation of professional opinions. The Firm regularly deals with EU tax law issues, both in the field of direct taxes and VAT.

Taxation of corporate reorganization
The Firm offers tax assistance in corporate reorganization processes. In particular, it takes care of the preparation of structures for the acquisition of shareholdings and companies, also through the use of tax-optimized models. As part of this activity, the Firm takes care of the negotiation and drafting of contractual clauses, in close synergy with the Firm’s lawyers and corporate lawyers. The Firm is also able to support clients in cases of domestic and cross-border corporate restructuring, including through the adoption of corporate, management and leveraged buy-out models.

Group taxation and transfer pricing
The Firm provides ordinary assistance for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of transfer pricing, and therefore the determination of normal value, and assists in Ruling and/or Advanced Price Agreements procedures.
The Firm also offers support in the preparation of the documentation required by the tax authorities in the field of transfer pricing.

Tax litigation, settlement procedures and management of rulings
The Firm assists its clients in their relations with the local, regional, and central tax authorities. Our tax lawyers handle with complex tax litigation, involving international and domestic tax matters. The Firm also aids in the context of rulings, pre-litigation settlement procedures and of bilateral or multilateral mutual agreement procedures between the Italian and foreign tax authorities. Some of the Firm’s professionals have gained experience in the field of tax litigation and deflationary procedures, which they have handled in the course of assisting companies, resident and non-resident individuals, both before the national tax courts and before the Court of Cassation, as well as before the EU Courts.

Taxation of financial products
The Firm advises on securitizations, domestic and international financing, debt restructuring, leasing transactions and project finance. Our tax experts can handle with equity and debt instruments, stock options, derivatives and innovative financial products. The Firm further advises on the structuring of hedge funds, mutual investment funds and private equity funds and of their investments.

Taxation of movable and immovable property
The Firm advises national and international real estate investors on all aspects of real estate taxation, from acquisition to disposal. The firm is also active on the structuring of, and giving advice to, real estate funds. This practice also includes assistance to enterprises in respect of major industrial sites, commercial developments and business restructuring involving immovable property.

Local taxation
The Firm can support local authorities in the management of derivative and autonomous taxation, in particular in the field of municipal, provincial and regional taxes, as well as in cases of consortium and state contributions, also during tax disputes.

Taxation of personal and family wealth. HNWI’s
The Firm can understand the needs of the clients to protect and preserve their wealth – not only for today, but for generations to come.  Our highly – experienced tax lawyers deliver first-class legal advice in relation to the ownership of assets and their transfer, for families, individuals and HNWI’s. In this context, our partner deal with tax issues related to the world of large assets (ownership of yachts and aircrafts, ownership and sale of works of art, with or without the establishment of segregated assets, management of policies, cryptocurrencies and virtual assets).

VAT law and Intra-EU Law
The Firm handles all matters relating to value added tax, including pre-litigation and litigation. Our dedicated team tackle VAT issues, both in domestic and cross-border transactions: in this context, it constantly handles relations with the Inland Revenue (Agenzia delle Entrate) and the Customs Agency (Agenzia delle Dogane), on behalf of Italian and foreign clients.