Business transactions
The Firm usually assists clients in negotiating contracts or business agreements, focusing in particular in insurance, banking and corporate law.

Judicial and out-of-court legal assistance
The Firm extends the range of services with civil, administrative, commercial, bankruptcy, and labor court representations, and with out-of-court assistance as well, with a specific expertise in insurance, banking and corporate law.
Given the support of professional foreign Firm s members of the International professional network, the Firm also provides judicial representation before the International Courts, and before foreign Courts, even in cases of cross-border litigation.

The Firm supports the client in all phases of business dispute, and in arbitration procedures as well. Many of attorneys of the Firm have significant experience in domestic and international arbitration, serving as advocates.

Corporate and commercial law
The Firm provides assistance in company setting up and capital increases.
The professionals of the Firm usually deal with all the legal aspects of extraordinary corporate transactions such as transformations, mergers, spin-offs and winding up.
The Firm also assists its clients in all the aspects related to the management of commercial relationships, as well as in the process of restructuring.

Bankruptcy law
The Firm offers assistance in bankruptcy proceedings and associated procedures in general. The expertise of many professionals permits the Firm to offer clients involved in company reorganization a specialized and integrated assistance, proposing the most appropriate legal measure as well as guaranteeing the implementation of agreed remedies.
The Firm also carries on such activities also on behalf of the Courts.

Due Diligence
The Firm assists its clients in the process of expansion of business both domestically and internationally, providing also legal acquisition or vendor due diligence services.

The Firm offers a complete range of consulting and internationalization services, by selecting the most suitable market for each client with and by an adequate support of foreign professionals, belonging to a well known international network.
The Firm also supports clients in the area of international trade law, transport law, import and export, and customs.

Private customers
Some professionals of the Firm are expert on focusing the most suitable solution for an efficient management of personal and family interests. Family planning and personal wealth management are specific skills of the Firm and culminate in identifying specific solutions.

Criminal law
Some lawyers of the Firm are expert of judicial assistance and defence in the “white collars” criminal cases.
They also support their clients in adopting the “231 Models”.