Management control, internal reporting and budgeting
Analytical and industrial accounting.
The business consultants of the Firm specifically focuses on optimizing corporate resources and organizing the production processes.
The Firm also provides operational and directional reporting, budgeting and forecasting, business plan.
The Firm also offers specific process reliability analysis services, internal control system evaluation, internal procedures drafting, and audit and control tools development.

Risk management
The Firm assists its clients in risk assessment and risk management (Segregation of Duties).
In particular, the business consultants of the Firm offer their assistance in assessing solvency through regular customer inspections, budget analysis, contract valuation, timing and ways of recovery of bad debts checks.
Some consultants gained consolidated experiences in implementing internal procedures for risk analysis of trade receivables.

Business facility
The Firm deals with consulting and assistance in the field of extraordinary finance operations.
The business consultants of the Firm can provide research, analysis, evaluation and negotiation of target companies to be acquired in the international market.
The Firm also take the customer in managing change, even in case of generational change.

Governance bodies
Many professionals of the Firm are involved in corporate governance roles – administrative or supervisory bodies – within corporations and corporate groups.